Customer Care Director


I thoroughly enjoyed Rhonda’s round table. She was prepared with data on the importance of mindfulness and meditation and brought the group through a fun and easy to replicate activity. She also shared simple techniques for daily meditation and gratitude and shared some tools she uses daily. Since this roundtable, I have adopted the habit of daily meditation and gratitude and I have been more productive, happier and less stressed! I look forward to sharing more of this with my team!


December 2018

“In December, I attended a MASSHIRE North Shore Professional Networking Group - The topic - "Interactive Health and Wellness Coaching" presented by Rhonda.

This workshop was extremely insightful, and interactive. Rhonda presented on how and why we should all be protecting and nurturing our professional and emotional intelligence. Goal setting the smart way with attainable results for each of us. Remembering to be grateful...”

Zoe C.


“Rhonda is a very skilled, capable, warm and caring coach and practitioner. She helped me with some coaching that incorporated business strategy and my own personal health and well-being. She is able to put a clear perspective on even the most muddled of issues, and can draw on her extensive experience in the wellness industry and more corporate culture. I found her very easy to work with. I have also been to one of her pilates classes and it was great. She's excellent at integrating all sorts of things and seeing to the heart of what's important with each of her clients.”

Jessica G.
Manchester, NH


“Rhonda is the real deal! You don't often meet people who you can instantly tell are genuine, Rhonda is one of those rare people. She has dedicated herself to helping others to be the best version of themselves. I am proud to be associated with her both personally and professionally. I met Rhonda several weeks ago at a conference and I knew instantly when I met her that she is a genuine person with nothing but the best intentions to help others grow to their full capacity. I would recommend working with her if there is any room for improvement in your life.”

Erin O.
Salem, MA


 “I met with Rhonda and she really gave me direction in moving toward focusing more on myself and my mental health.  She introduced me to mindfulness and she followed up with me to see how I was doing.  I feel comfortable knowing I can contact her for help at any time.”